Thursday, November 24, 2011

AnnieMay's Merry Christmas Mincemeat

Over the past few weeks I have been making lots and lots of Christmas mincemeat.  This has been one of the more successful items that I have sold locally, but that may be because you cannot buy it here in Italy.  I use my mother-in-laws recipe from her lovely hand written book.

I love looking through both my mothers and my mother-in-law's recipe books, they are very important to me.  There is something very special about reading all of those things in their handwriting (especially since they have both passed away).  Also I can remember eating many of the things in my own mother's book as a child - fond memories. 

In line with my other modern equipment???!!! I even use my mother-in-law's old mincer - my girls love turning the handle to help (well at least for a minute or two!).  Check out my page for the recipe for Merry Mincemeat - enjoy!


  1. Well done for selling your Mincemeat! I've just made a mincemeat cake, still warm from the oven. Am I being a little thick (probably!! haha) I can't find the recipe for the mincemeat.

  2. Recipe now on stand alone page to right - sorry a bit slow in adding it!

  3. aww lovely memories for you...:)


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