Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mini Naan and Toasted Muffins

Don't you just love plod days - where you don't do very much but somehow manage to do a lot!  Today was one of those days.  With a sniffy little miss we decided a sofa day was in order, but it was not long before I had a helper in the kitchen making naan bread for the freezer.  Little L came up with the great idea of making mini naan and they came out really well - a definite for future lunch boxes.  I have added my naan bread recipe on my pages if you want to have a go.

Showed my ironing pile some love this afternoon (the job a hate the most in the whole world).  Feeling virtuous I then lit the fire just to toast some muffins....well sometimes it has to be done.  This evening I am going to settle down with a new crochet book and try some different squares - I will let you see the results soon........ 


  1. Hey you!

    Your friend in Brum here (ex Cardiff!!). I do like reading your blog and seeing your pics. Really must come and visit..... Sounds like L is having a grand time too!

  2. Thanks xx You can join blogger and follow if you fancy - I am slowly growing - up to a huge 5 now!! I am having lots of fun blogging but still learning to manage my blog - want to do so much more with photo's etc, but it takes time to learn. xx

  3. Hi. Found you via Greedy For Colour blog. I'm newish to blogging aswell so I'll bump your followers up to 6!!! I think us newbies should stick together and support each other. Great blog ;) x

  4. Hi Thank you for joining - Yesss six followers - I get very excited at followers and of course will take a look at your lovely blog xx

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog and if you wish, I'd love you to follow me aswell. Take care xx


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