Monday, November 7, 2011

Reindeer food and rain.

This week I have been putting together bits and bobs for my first stall.  One of my favorite things has been my Reindeer Food.  Little L has been very excited at the prospect of throwing some on the grass come Christmas Eve.  Having racked my brains to figure out a way of making cool labels - something a little different - I hit on the idea of typing them on our very old type writer.  Needless to say Little L had loads of fun but did make me laugh when she asked 'can it draw things?' - clearly too used to the computer.  That said a type writer of her own is now top of the Christmas wish list and she had great fun hitting the keys.  I had forgotten how hard it is to type on one of these fingers where hurting after a while, but I did love the tap tap noise. 

As for the rain...we had a 12 hour storm over the weekend, with water features springing up all over the house!  When it rains in really, really rains.

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