Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My bit late Christmas cake!

I must admit to making four Christmas cakes this year (quite little ones - ish).  Two of which Little L and Big G decorated for me - and we have eaten/given away both.  I would like to think that we gave away more than we ate but who am I kidding.  My last two cakes have been sitting lovingly wrapped in homemade marzipan for a few days, and today I actually got around to decorating them.  Possibly the latest ever decorated Christmas cakes!!!????

My hubby just commented that he could not see the point in decorating them now as we were only going to eat them, but you can't eat an undecorated Christmas cake can you? Besides if you decorate it you get more marzipan to eat....

A bit of a rush job...but I am sure they will taste just fine and my little girls fingers will be picking off leaves before you can say Happy New Year!

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