Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lucky Sunday?

How come Little L needs waking every school morning at 7 but on Sundays seems to wake at 6 full of bounce and ready to get up?? One of life's little mysteries.  It is 9:30 here and already we have been for a walk around the orchard with the dog - hunted for four leaf clovers - and found it...

Yesterday Little L and I went to a car boot sale.  We made coconut ice to sell as well as taking all our unwanted things.  I LOVE coconut ice, the colour, the taste, the texture all makes me think of fair grounds and fun.  Up until now I have never been very successful at making it but having found a recipe in my mums old recipe book I understood the stress on melting the sugar slowly and then bringing it to the boil rapidly after that.  It may sound simple but makes the difference between coconut ice that sets and one that doesn't.  I have put my mums recipe up on my PAGES if you want to have a go - it is very sweet but very yummy.

We made a massive 30 euros profit at the car boot but we were not really in it for the money (which is clearly a good thing).  Little L had 3 euro to spend and really enjoyed the freedom to search though all the boxes of bits.  She managed to get quite a lot for 3 euro and even brought me a lovely tea pot (not everyone's cup of tea....excuse pun...but brought with love) and of course I have already made a cup of tea in it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Time has flown by this week with my Big G home from school in England - half term is just not long enough and it was really sad to say goodbye today.  She is now flying with her Daddy back to cold Wiltshire for 32 days before the next holiday.  Boarding school may be the best thing for her but it really is not for Mummy!!!

To take my mind off I have been having a go at crochet hearts from Bella Dia (great  blog by the way if you fancy a look).  What do you think of the result?  Just a bit of fun really but I have enjoyed making these two and think I might make a few more...

We took a trip over to Albrobello this week on the other coast of Italy and stayed in a Trullo.  These little houses are made of dry stone wall and are so snug and sweet.  People have lived in them for hundreds of years.  Must admit we had not expected the snow, but it made it very magical.

A Trullo in the snow.

Little L trying to catch a snow flake on her tongue! 

The week ahead brings a friend from England to stay, a return to work and school and hopefully more craft time.  Have a great week all xx

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Hobbies.......

This week I have been trying my hand at card making.  My girls have also enjoyed having a go.  I am not sure we are at a professional level yet but a lot of fun was had!  When we all sit around the kitchen table and does not really matter what....we have a really good chat at the same time, which is always half the fun. 

A few weeks ago I tested the water for a craft club locally.  Although there were five of us on the evening, only two of us actually crafted - but again sitting on the sofa with someone I had never met - she knitting and I crocheting, the conversation flowed and I had a really enjoyable time.  Hopefully this is something to try again.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My get up and go has gone!?

Phfffffffff. Feel all flat and fed up of winter....all of my get up and go seems to have got up and gone!

To try and find some energy and enthusiasm I have brought some gorgeous flowers which are now making my sitting room smell lush............but boy I would really like this cold weather to shift and the sun come out.

Spring please come soon!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My next project...

I have found my next project!  In Mollie Makes (LOVE IT) I have found my next blanket.  For a while now I have been thinking I should start a blanket for my own bed as blankets are well underway for Little L and G.  Not sure it is a really good idea to start another big project but really love everything about this one...the colour, pattern...all just spot on. 

However, before getting underway whilst in the wool shop I wondered if I should first use the same pattern but different colours for a picnic blanket! Below are the chosen colours for my sunshine blankie...less colours but think it will sing out.  That said having had a go the squares are it may take me some time.

I wonder if you can have too many blankets on the go at any one time???