Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lucky Sunday?

How come Little L needs waking every school morning at 7 but on Sundays seems to wake at 6 full of bounce and ready to get up?? One of life's little mysteries.  It is 9:30 here and already we have been for a walk around the orchard with the dog - hunted for four leaf clovers - and found it...

Yesterday Little L and I went to a car boot sale.  We made coconut ice to sell as well as taking all our unwanted things.  I LOVE coconut ice, the colour, the taste, the texture all makes me think of fair grounds and fun.  Up until now I have never been very successful at making it but having found a recipe in my mums old recipe book I understood the stress on melting the sugar slowly and then bringing it to the boil rapidly after that.  It may sound simple but makes the difference between coconut ice that sets and one that doesn't.  I have put my mums recipe up on my PAGES if you want to have a go - it is very sweet but very yummy.

We made a massive 30 euros profit at the car boot but we were not really in it for the money (which is clearly a good thing).  Little L had 3 euro to spend and really enjoyed the freedom to search though all the boxes of bits.  She managed to get quite a lot for 3 euro and even brought me a lovely tea pot (not everyone's cup of tea....excuse pun...but brought with love) and of course I have already made a cup of tea in it.


  1. looks yummy and very pink! Alas one Ill have to not try!! Love the tea post; bright and beautiful!A Mishmash of me is no more blog is enough!!

  2. I will be following your new blog too. xx

  3. Oh, you found a four leaf clover!! Me and my son used to look for them when he was little. I love your little tea pot. I wish we could share a cup of tea together. Wouldn't that be nice?
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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