Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Long time no see!!

Well work really gets in the way of blogging is all I can say - but yippee I am back.  I am determined to post at least twice a week...mind you the road to hell and all that!!

The sun is shining here and you can really feel the temperature hotting up.  We eat outside most days which I love.  Even in England we try to eat outside as much as possible.  There is something very restful about sitting listening to the slows me down to an almost stop - very Italian of me.

There is something I have notice about Italians that I love (excuse the generalisation) they seem content to 'do enough'.  Nothing seems as important as having time to eat, enjoy the sun and talk.  Wow they love to chat - standing in the sea on a hot day, at the cafe for breakfast, over food in the evening or over a slow lunch.  Everything else is completed until it is 'good enough'.  I think that this is a lovely ethos.  What is the point of working 24/7 - where is the life in that?  What is the point in a bigger house, bigger car etc if all you do is work.  If I take anything from Italy it will be the importance of doing enough - and then enjoying my family, friends and the world around me!

Ah preach over!  So on to shopping - anyone else spot the inconsistency?  Actually the supermarket here often has a 1E sale when whole areas are brimming with everything for 1E - a bit like the pound shop in the UK.  Well I picked up these little glasses and am very pleased with myself.  Just the thing for the garden table.